Laikipia Highlands Games

The Laikipia Highlands games were founded by Kuki Gallmann, author and conservationist, and  launched in October 2008 as joint venture of the Gallmann Memorial Foundation and the Great Rift Valley Trust.  It is an annual sporting initiative aimed at using the fundamental values of sport in fostering good will, build relations, bridge divisions, and harness the natural competitive spirit of youth and the recognized high potential of Kenya Highlands athletes, to engage in peaceful competitions that put their fitness to test, at the same time offering unique opportunities to emerging new athletes.
The Gallmann Memorial Foundation (GMF), dedicated to the coexistence of people and nature in Africa, has been involved in community services, peace and reconciliation efforts for many years.

The Great Rift Valley Trust (GRVT) aims to bridge differences between world peoples by finding common denominators and pursuits such as art, music, sports, the spiritual quest and environment, at humankind's common cradle.

Both, GMF and GRVT, are based and operating at Laikipia Nature Conservancy - a vast wildlife sanctuary and biodiversity oasis situated on the edge of Kenya's Great Rift valley, boundary to six warring community, on the Western Laikipia Highlands- a region severely affected by tribal conflicts.

The games are an unusual and exciting combination of modern athletics and colourful traditional tribal games played amongst African communities since generations.

The 2009 Laikipia Highlands Games won the prestigious PEACE AND SPORT AWARD for the peace and sport event of the year, in Monaco. Paul Tergat, one of Kenya's finest athletes and former world record holder in the 10,000 meters and marathon said this is a very unique event that brings warring communities together through sport in the most unique setting. It is indeed the Kenya that we want. It is also a great way to tap talent amongst these communities and at the same time, encouraging them to conserve nature and protect the wildlife in that unique part of Kenya.